Pitsidia is one of the most beautiful villages in southern Crete, as it retains a unique traditional style, with many old and restored houses. Despite the fact that it is a small village, Pitsidia offers all modern comforts: taverns, restaurants, cafeterias, confectionery, pharmacy and many other shops. Moreover, it has regular public transport services, with buses to Matala, Moires, Tympaki, Heraklion and other destinations. Big bazaars take place in Tympaki as well as in Moires, which are towns near Pitsidia, every Friday and Saturday respectively. You can find local traditional products at these bazaars.

Starting from Pitsidia, you can take a walk in the surrounding area and wander in hills, olive groves, vineyards, nearby villages, as well as in various fascinating sights. The enchanting beach of Komos is only 1500 meters away from Pitsidia, on a pleasant route that you can also walk. The exquisite Cretan landscape makes this ride an unforgettable experience. In Komos, among the century-old trees that offer a thick shade, there is a very important Minoan archaeological site that used to be the port of ancient Phaistos.

There are many archaeological sites in the area of Pitsidia, such as Phaistos, Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), Gortyna and many others. Not only are there many old churches and historic monasteries around Pitsidia, but there are also many other small villages with exceptional local beauty.

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